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WHATS UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MY PEOPLE!!!?!?! Luke here with my page, Freaky Fandoms!!! On this page I will be talking about some of my favorite things in pop culture, and that can be anything from TV shows, to Music, to Videogames!


Just kidding.  That would be super annoying.  Anyway, there are many things I like about Christmas, but one of my favorites has to be the cookies.  I LOVE Christmas cookies.  Everything about them! Making them, eating them, the works.  I just frikken love Christmas cookies.  So I thought it would be a fun Idea to put my favorite types of Christmas cookies! So in no particular order, here they are!  Let’s get cookin!
-Ginger Bread Cookies
So I actually don’t particularly like this type of cookie, but I had to include it on this list just because of how iconic it is.  Eeeeeeveryone knows about the ginger bread cookies! From men, to houses, there is just so much you can do with them, and for that reason alone, these cookies deserve to be on this list.
-The Store Frosted Cookies
Ok so I don’t know the exact name of these cookies, but we have all seen them before.  They are the ones that you can just go to a Safeway and pick them up.  They are simple, they are delicious, have a great texture in frosting and bread, and even some sprinkles sometimes!  They are just a classic.
                These cookies are great.  Because they are not even cookies technically! They are rice krispies shaped in little circles with assorted things on them! They are very different, will definitely stand out among the other cookies, and are a fan favorite!  I don’t think ive met anyone who doesn’t like these things!  They are amazing! Go make some! I just hope you don’t mind getting sticky!

                With most of you, it’s very possible you have never heard of this before.  But with all of my mom’s side of the family being Greek, this is a vital part of my Christmas.  They aren’t necessarily Christmas cookies, but my mom always made them during Christmas time, so it counts for me.  They might be tedious to make, but man they are amazing.  Filo dough, melted honey, nuts, all together to make heavenly goodness.  If you have never heard of this before, go out and find some! Your life will never be the same.  (Especially if they are homemade! There is nothing like it!)
-Glazed Sugar Cookies
             Ok, we all saw this coming.  This is THE Christmas cookie.  The one you leave out for Santa, they one you always see in movies.  This is that one.  And the thing is, it lives up to the hype! These cookies are great!  Easy to make, you can make a boat load fairly easily, and everyone enjoys them! They are the best, most iconic, and classic, Christmas cookie. 

Ok, I’m hungry.  I’m gunna go find some cookies.  Bye!!


Aw Geeeezzz
            Ah Rick and Morty, what a show.  Truly a television masterpiece, and one of the best shows out right now.  Well maybe it’s not a masterpiece, but it’s pretty dang good.  It’s a really smart show, insanely funny, and I think most importantly, it makes you think.  About what you ask?  Well, I’ll let you know as we go along.
So this show is great.  The basic premise is about this the smartest being in the multiverse Rick (who is also an alcoholic), and his awkward, skittish, insecure, grandson Morty.  They travel to different places in the multiverse where they do a whole bunch of random crap.  Rick is kinda a horrible person, and by kinda I mean really a horrible person.  And they do whatever they want because according to rick, nothing matters anyway. 
One great thing about the show is the characters and how they have developed over the past three seasons.  You really see the characters grow, and see them at their worst and lowest moments.  It really makes relate to the characters, like the sadness after breaking up with your girlfriend and learning the truth about your existence.  And then you have episodes where Rick turns himself into a pickle.  It really varies. 
Like I was saying in the intro, this show really makes you thing.  It will bring up topic and ideas that you would have never thought about, but when you hear it, you can’t get it out of your mind.  It deals with topic about existence, your purpose in the world, what’s the point of it all, and stuff like that.  These moments will really impact you, and make you get very attached to the show.
So yeah, this show is great.  It’s amazing I would even say.  I highly suggest for ANYONE to watch it.  It is funny, sophisticated, dumb, brilliant and more.  So go, have fun, and watch it.  Cartoons need more attention anyway.  Anyway, chow!
P. S. Don’t watch this with your parents, they will ban television from you for forever!!


Emotions X Emotions

So, I’ve been getting into anime recently.  I’ve always watched the Pokémon TV show, but that’s kind of a basic Anime.  So A friend suggested one for me.  And that was Hunter x Hunter. And OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH BOY.  get your heart ready, it’s about to go on a rollercoaster.
So this show is about a kid named Gon, who wants to find out why his father abandoned him to become a hunter.  So he goes to take the hunter test.  And we aren’t talking about a hunter that goes into the forest and shoots deer.  I’m talking about super badasses that go and hunt down people/things that threaten humanity.  Or they can just go and live life with a crap ton of money, because just being a hunter gets you a crap ton of money.  So this kid sets off on an adventure to become a hunter, make new friends, find his father, and probably get killed in the process.
Oh my gosh this show will make you feel emotions that you have never felt before.  During Gon’s adventure he makes friends with this kid named Killua, and their friendship is THE CUTEST THING IN EXISTENCE.  I don’t want to go too much into it for spoiler reasons, but just watch it. You will fall in love.

This show is amazing.  If you want to watch a happy show that puts friendship above all else, this is the show for you.  It has great action, it has heart, it has comedy, you will love it.  It’s good to be back friends, I’ll see you next week!


Hey guysssssssss! Today we have a very special edition to the page! I am going to start rating every Pokémon Generation.  Each week for the next few weeks, I am going to go through all the generations, and give my opinions on each one.  I will be keeping in mind the Pokémon Design, characters, story, what it did for the series, and just how much fun I had in the game.  This will be rated with a star system, then they will all be averaged to see what the final score.  Keep in mind that this is completely my opinion, and yours will mostly likely differ greatly. Now with that out of the way, we will start at the beginning, Gen 1.

Gen I: The Beginning

The first Pokémon games ever created, Pokémon Red, Blue and yellow.  These games are what kick started the whooooooole phenomenon that is Pokémon.  But as being the first generation, its age shows.  But before we get into that, let’s look at the Pokémon.
  1. The Pokémon
The Pokémon in this game are a VERY mixed bag, but you can’t ignore the classics.  This is where Pikachu, Charizard and Mewtwo came from.  Not only some of the most popular Pokémon, but some of the most popular characters’ period!!  There are classics like Gengar, Starmie, and Gyrados, while some personal favorites are Weasing, Vileplume and Kabutops.  While I do love quite a bit of these pokemon, I have to admit the designs are a bit bland.  While I do like quite a few, there aren’t enough for me to go crazy about.  
  1. CharactersClipartbest  Com
I do enjoy quite a bit all the gym leaders and characters in this game.  I do believe that they have the best rival, and the gym leaders are a lot of fun.  While they are not amazing, I do give them quite a bit of credit for what they do.  And team Rocket is fun, but very generic.
  1. Story
You’re most likely thinking to yourself, Gen 1 had a story? Yeah, it really didn’t.  You catch Pokémon, beat bad guys, and beat the league. The end. That’s not a story.  Sorry Gen 1.
  1. What it did for the seriesfive-stars.png
The first generation did a lot, but it has alooooot of rough edges.  At least in the games.  But if we look outside the games, the reaction is catastrophic. Pokémon BLEW UP thanks to these games, and so it gets full points for that.    
  1. How much fun
I’m annulling this part, because I have only played the remake, Pokémon leaf green, and am working through Pokémon Yellow. And it is going sloooooooow.
Final Grade
This game does have a low score, but its obvious why.  Everything is just so meh.  Its un arguable what it’s done for the series, but it has not aged well at all.  That’s why I give gen 1, a final grade of 2.5 starts, out of five.




       That’s the sound that the whole world will know on march third. For on that day, the Nintendo Switch will be open to everyone all around the world, and it will revolutionize gaming, as Nintendo does.  This glorious new Nintendo console is freaking amazing, and I will show you why.
1       The concept of this console is that you can play it no matter where you are, with no difference in power.  It’s easy! You get the joy cons, put them on the sides of the mini screen, pull them out and BAM! Gaming on the go!! Its Revolutionary! There is no difference in framerate, or looks when you are at home on your couch, or on a train to berlin.  Still looks amazing.  Truly awesome.
2.      The games look AMAZING! You have a new version updated version of Mario Kart 8, with new characters and an all new battle mode, Splatoon 2, which looks just as fresh as the first one, if not more. Then we have Super Mario Odyssey later down the year and Fire Emblem Warriors. Am I missing anything...oh wait ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD. One if not the most highly anticipated of the year, and you will be able to take it wherever you want. How about that.

3.      This is a new start for Nintendo.  They have a new console that looks utterly amazing, and will be available worldwide in under two weeks.  If you aren’t excited, you should be. Its going to be LEGENDARY.


Sup mah homies?  It’s your old pal Luke, and he’s back in action.  And I’m here to talk about one of my favorite things. Nightwing
You might be wondering, who the heck is Nightwing?  He looks like some second rate super hero.  But oh my dear reader, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Nightwing has skills that are on Par with Batman.  In fact, he was Batman once!!
But before all this, there was the first Robin, Dick Grayson.  He is without a doubt the most well-known Robin ever. He was always at Batman’s side.  He was the founder of the Teen Titans, the most famous sidekick of all time, and a son to Batman.  But eventually, he got to old. With college and life as an adult, he couldn’t be always at Batmans side.  So he became his own hero.  Nightwing.
The blue and black hero is a Master acrobat and aerialist, expert martial artist, amazing detective, and of course gadget master.  He has birdarangs, rope, lock picks, and the list goes on.  While Batman was presumed dead, he took the title to keep the name going.  Dick is the only one that can talk sense into Batman, and has been an older brother to the other Robins.

Nightwing is amazing.  He has a never give up attitude, is always there for people, and can see the good in people, even if they can’t see it themselves.  Nightwing is more than just a good hero, he’s a good person.


A good start.

This has been fun!  Every week, talking about something that suits either yours or my fancy.  We been from videogames to books, to TV shows, to everything. It’s just simply been a blast.  But fear not! This is not the end. Like I said in the title, this is a good start, but we can do better! Starting back up in 2017, this blog is going to be bigger and better than ever before! I look forward to exploring more Freaky Fandoms in 2017
This has been Luke, Signing Off!! (Until 2017)

Mostrando americas-celebration-4th-of-july-flag.jpg

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while; I’ve been working on a special project.  I actually have to get back to it, so we are doing something a little different today.  Since it is the season; we are going to talk about the holidays!! I looooove the holidays, so we are going to talk about my favorite holidays!! Because TIS THE SEASON.
5. Halloween: WHAT HALOWEEN AT NUMBER FIVE HOW DARE YOU!!!! Ok before you attack me let me just tell you that I never celebrated it as a kid so I don’t have much experience.  But who doesn’t love free candy and dressing up?
4. Independence day: AMERICA!!! I looove this day!! The food, the fireworks, all of it is just so amazing and fun! And we can’t forget the parades!!
3. Easter: I love Easter! We have this tradition where we stay up until like 3 and have a church service, and then eat meat, after 47 days of not eating it.  Its sooooo great!!
2. Thanksgiving: Like most other holidays, its mostly because of the food, but I love just being with my friends and family that day.
1. Christmas: Duh.  The singing, the weather, the gifts, the whole feeling is just so dam beautiful, and without a doubt my favorite time of year.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little list! Have a happy holiday!!
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When there’s trouble you know who to calllllllllll
Mostrando 4374406-teen-titans-season-1-screenshot-1.jpg
Teen Titans!!! Without a doubt one of the best animated superhero TV shows of all time. Aired originally in 2003, this TV show was based on the popular DC comics series called, Teen Titans!  It followed the five superhero teens, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy, and their adventures to save to world from crazy, insane, and very dangerous villains.  These heroes all have different powers, personalities, and each one of them brings something new to the table.
First we have the leader of the team, Robin, The Boy Wonder.  He is personally my favorite character, for many reasons.  First, he has no powers, but still is the best and most competent member of the team.  With his great karate skills, bow staff, birdarangs, and different little gadgets here and there, he can easily take down whatever problem he comes across.  Second, he really brings the team together.  If the team is having a rough time, he can bring them together, better and stronger.  And the last of my reasons, he is human.  I mean that he can be manipulated, scared, and even tricked, like a human.  But through his will power, friends, and strength, he can defeat anything that comes his way.
Next we have Starfire, the beauty of the team.  She is an alien from the planet Tamaran, and she came to earth as a prisoner.  But when she spent more time there, he found out how much she liked it.  She can fly, shoot Starbolts, have superhuman strength, and the list goes on.  But one of her most definable features is her love for her friends.  She would sacrifice herself any day to, save her friends.  And that in the end is what really matters.
Next is Cyborg, half robot, half human (no duh).  After a tragic incident in which his mother and father were both killed and most of his body destroyed, Cybrog had most of his body replaced with mechanical parts.  This includes a sonic cannon, various gadgets, super human strength, and other abilities.  He loves to build and fix things, and is really good at it too. He is also a blast to have around and keeps Beast Boy in check.  His fighting spirit is something that cannot be easily put out.  He is a very valuable member of the team.

Mostrando TeenTitans1_PR_CNTT.jpg The we have Raven, the Half-Azarathian, half-demon girl.  Her dad is kinda the ruler of the underworld, so she has some quite amazing powers.  She has incredible knowledge of mystical artifacts, charms, and spellbooks, psionic abilities, telepathy, among many other things.  She keeps her emotions very closed, and for good reason.  Her powers are based completely on her emotions, and if they get out of hand, it never ends well.  Besides being very quiet and closed, she still loves her friends, and without her on the team, who knows what would happen.
Finally, we have Beast Boy, the living animal kingdom.  He can transform into any animal in existence, and then use this form to save the day.  But he loved joking around, and is without a doubt the jokester of the team.  He always is spreading good vibes, and has a heart of gold.  If the mood is down, he will be there to cheer everyone up.
This team of super teens is one of the best super hero teams you will ever see.  They are strong physically, but also in their friendship.  And in the end, that is the true reason they are the best.



Yes, that was also my reaction when I saw these little buggers.  These little creatures are called, Pikmin, and they are so ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! In your adventure, you will find out that they can do a lot more than just look cute.  Oh, a lot more.

There have been three games with these little creatures as main characters.  Named after the characters themselves, there has been Pikmin, Pikmin 2 (both for the Gamecube and Wii) and Pikmin 3 (for the Wii U).  In these games you take the position of a space pilot/s (depending on what game) and you crash-land on a random planet.  On this planet you meet little aliens named, Pikmin!  You then lead these pikmin, and use them to (depending on the game) get all the pieces of your ship back together, find enough valuable items to sell to get your company from becoming bankrupt, of find food to not have your home planet starve to death.  But this will not be an easy journey.   There are monsters on this planet that would make quite a delicious snack out of you, but don’t worry, Pikmin are great fighters and will help you survive on this planet.

There are seven main types Pikmin: red, blue, yellow, white, purple, rock and flying, each with their own special abilities and traits.  They are pretty self-explanatory, red is resistant to fire, blue is resistant to water, etc.  You have to solve puzzles, traverse crazy dungeons, and it is just a good fun time.

There are a lot of great things about these games.  The characters, the cuteness, the enviroments, the music that blends perfectly with the situation, and all of this comes together to make a great game.  But the reason I play Pikmin is simple.  It is a stress reliever.  Whenever I just need to relax, or take a break, I bring out Pikmin.  I can just forget what’s been going on in the real world, and collect some fruit with adorable little aliens singing in the background.  And in the end, does life really get better than that?


Mysteries Mysteries and more Mysteries

    There is a series…… that if you weren’t a conspiracy theorist before watching it, you will be afterwards.  And that show is the one and only, Gravity Falls.

    Gravity Falls plot is simple. The twins Mabel and Dipper Pines go to their Great Uncle’s Stan’s cabin and tourist attraction, The Mystery Shack, for the summer.  But one day as Dipper is searching through the forest, he finds a journal, that talks about all the supernatural/wierd creatures, things and locations in Gravity Falls, including but not limited to Gnomes, Zombies, Mermaids, Fairies, among other things.  It’s a fairly simple premise, but that’s not why people love it.  

The chAracters are fun, interesting, relatable, and hilarious.  You have Dipper, the level headed nervous over thinker boy, who is in love with the supernatural.  There is also Mabel, who is the most energetic, exciting, boy crazy girl and Just plain fun you will ever meet.  Then yOu have Stan, the rough around the edges but at the same time fun grunkle.  You will fall in love with these characters and be so involved in their adventures.

But enough beating around the bush.  The reason why this show is so amazing is becaUse of its MYSTERIESSSSSSSSSSSS.  From the beginning of the first episode there is so much going on that will come back in later episodes.  The show is known for this, and even some of the mysteries are still unsolved!!!!!!You will get so involved, and will tOo want to crack the code of Gravity Falls along with these

This show is utterly amazing.  The animation, the characters, the music, the mysteries, ohhhhh the mysteries.  The show has already ended with two seasons, so its defiantly worth a watch.  Until next time folks, lets whistle our hearts to the theme song.


A Very Brief History Lesson
Mostrando 11851-avatar-the-last-airbender-avatar-the-last-airbender.jpg
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony, then everything changes when the fire nation attacked.  Only the avatar, master of blah blah you know the rest.  Welcome to another great edition of freaky fandoms!!!!! Today I will be seriously fanboying over the AMAZING classic series AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER!!!!!!!!
This is by far one of the best animated, or even not animated, TV shows of all time!!  The story is about a boy named Aang, and he is the AVATAR!!!!!!!  But before we get into what that means, let me give you a bit of history.  In a nut shell there were these people living on some sort of “earth” and there were countless monsters outside of their little colonies.  So they would ask for the power of an element from this giant lion turtle to be able to go out in the wild, and give it back when they were done.  Depending on what part of the world you lived in, the lion turtles would either give you the power to wield fire, air, water or earth at your will.  I know crazy.  Bear with me though.  Well basically after a looooooong complicated story (Which I might get into at a later date) this dude got the ability to wield all for elements, Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.  This guy was the connection of the human world, and the spirit world, and he kept balance to the world.  He was named, THE AVATAR!  But he eventually died, and so his ability to wield all four elements went on to a baby of the next nation (in the order stated before), and he would have the responsibility that the last avatar had.  He could also talk to people who were previously avatars through the spiritual meditation.  And this cycle continued for thousands of years………..
Ok, now that we are up to speed, more about Aang. (I would say spoiler warning, but if you haven’t seen this series, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?).  Aang was born and raised in the air nomads, and eventually found out he was the avatar.  But he was not especially happy with this.  Everyone treated him differently, he had a lot more responsibilities, and just a lot more complicated life.  That was a lot to put on a 12-year-old, so he ran away and accidently froze himself in a iceberg.  Lucky for him, because later the fire nation completely wiped out the air nomads, starting the 100-year war between the nations.  Then 100 years later Katara and Sokka, two kids from the southern water tribe found him, and it was up to them to take down the fire nation before the end of the summer.
This is obviously a very brief, summarized version of the avatar story, and I didn’t even get into a whooooole lot of stuff, but I do intend to.  Nut until then, watch the series!  It’s actually reaaaaaally amazing, and you will not regret it! Bye!
Mostrando 9f199cc486a9d9c3e542bf5b7b45d00f63da85b83a0cdd524781b2c9be90a063.jpg


Mostrando Slider2.png
If you recognize that phrase, they you have most likely Heard of the amazing video game called, not surprisingly, Super Smash Brothers.  Super Smash Bros is a celebration of all Nintendo characters, big and small, famous or not, good or evil.  And how do we celebrate?  By beating the crap out of each other.
Super Smash Brothers is a game where famous character such as Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Samus, Donkey Kong, Fox, the list goes on and on.  Anywhere from 1 to 8 people can play at a time.  The game is praised on its simple controls, fun mechanics, amazing characters, being casual and hardcore at the same time among other things.  It has been on five video game consoles (N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U & 3DS) and each game being quite spread out from each other (except for the 3DS and Wii U one, which are basically the same game).
Mostrando untitled.png
The controls of the game are quite simple.  You try not to get launched off the screen by other characters.  If you fall off, don’t worry!  You can jump back on if you weren’t pushed off so far.  The reason why it is a lot easier to use than other fighting games like Mortal Combat or Street Fighter is that instead of each character having 50 million combos in which you have to press 50 million buttons at the same time and if you don’t you are going to be left in the dust, all you need to do in Smash is push a direction, and a button. And that’s how you will find all the moves you have.  
In the newest edition of Super Smash Brothers, you have over 50 character to choose from, including classics like Mario, Pikachu and Link, and then you have more obscure characters like R.O.B., Wii Fit Trainer, and Lucina.  There are even some characters from other video game companies like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac Man and Mega Man.  There are also 55 stages on the newest edition, including iconic places like Wuhu Island, Skyloft, and Norfair, and there is a whopping total of 437 music tracks on the game.
If you want a game with just some fun time with friends, or to spend hours on trying to do special moves and such, then this is the game for you.  This is the game for everyone.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you guys next week.  This has been Luke, signing off!


Welcome to episode two, where we talk about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and why The house of Gryffindor is better than Slytherin.
By reading the intro, you probably figured that I, your wonderful author, am a Gryffindor.  And a proud one at that.  We are the brave ones, the leaders, the warriors.  Now let’s look at our polar opposite house, Slytherin.  
Green, the Color of Pond Scum
Ohhhhhhhhh Slytherin, the outcast house.  There is a reason that in all the Harry Potter books and movies no one likes this house.  Almost all Death Eaters come from the house of Slytherin. Death eaters are EVILLLLLLLLL.  The evilest dark wizard of all time was a Slytherin, and if that doesn’t raise any red flags, I don’t know what will.  Slytherins will trick you, rob you, and if you get in their way, you’re going to have a baaaaaad time.  They are just all around bad people.
Sometimes Green Does Shine
With all that said though, you can’t ignore that there is some good in Slytherin.  They happen to be actually quite smart and strategic when it is convenient for them.  Severus Snape belonged to that house, and he was one of the bravest wizard of all time.  Merlin was also a Slytherin, and people that don’t even read Harry Potter know who Merlin is. But all in all, the downsides ought to weigh the upsides.
Red, the Color of Victory
Now let’s get to the part you have all been waiting for, Gryffindor.  Gryffindor is without a doubt the most popular house in Hogwarts, and how could it not be?  First of all, the name Gryffindor make you feel powerful, brave, and like you are going to be the champion of whatever you do.  Some of the greatest wizards of our time were from Gryffindor; Harry, Lily, and James Potter, Hermione Granger (mentioned as one of if not the smartest students in Hogwarts), Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and the one and only Albus Dumbledore.  We are brave, heroic, standing up for the little guy kind of people.  We have won house cup for the past few years now, and our Quidditch team could not be better. Sure we can be kind of rash, but who isn’t?  Gryffindor, to put it plainly, are the good guys.  And Slytherin, the bad guys. Good guys beat bad guys, period.

But hey, do you think Slytherin is better? Then vote for which house is better, and be sure to check out my friend’s page on why Slytherin is better than Gryffindor (not that its relevant).

Thanks for reading, and I will see you guys next week.  This has been Luke, signing off!
This is my first time posting, so I figured I’d start out strong, with a TV series called Steven Universe.
So first a little history.  Steven Universe is a TV show that airs on Cartoon Network and was created be Rebecca Sugar.  It premiered on November 4, 2013, and currently has three complete seasons, and the fourth one is coming out as of the time of this writing.  Something that I think is personally cool is that it is the first series on Cartoon Network to be created solely by a woman! And that is pretty dope.
The story follows a boy named Steven Universe (Voiced by Zach Callison) and his adventures in the town called Beach City. Oh, but there is sooooo much more to it than that. (Warning!!!!!! Minor Spoilers (Very minor)) Thousands of years ago, there was a great war between an alien race called The Gems (We’ll refer to them as Homeworld Gems).  They came to earth to suck it of its nutrients to create new Gems.  But Steven’s mom, a warrior Gem named Rose Quartz, saw how much life and beauty there was on Earth, and began a rebellion.  The name that they picked for their resistance was the Crystal Gems, remember that.  They were able to get the Homeworld Gems off Earth, but at a great cost. After the war, only four gems remained on earth, Rose Quartz, Garnet (Voiced by Estelle), Pearl (Voiced by DeeDee Magno), and Amethyst (Voiced by Michaela Dietz).  Eventually Rose found and fell in love with Steven’s dad, and she gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven.  Now Steven lives with the other Crystal Gems, has the Gem of his mom, and the weight of the world looking at his, and always seeing his mom.
But there are some reasons the series is so amazing, and here are my personal fav’s.  

As soon as you start watching the series, you will fall in love with every character.  Each one has something different they he/she brings to the table.  Whether it be the charming and funny personality of Steven, the quiet, mysterious but strong leadership nature of Garnet, Pearl’s uptight and precise personality, or Amethyst laid back and relax self, there is something for everyone.  And they all blend together so well.  When Rebecca Sugar was creating the series, she wanted the characters to be like something that doesn’t usually represented in TV shows, and she succeeded in flying colors.
The show looks stunningly beautiful. From the backgrounds, to the character models, to the amazing fighting scenes. And speaking of….
This is a show about a war after all, so you better bet there are some fight scenes.  The fights look so organized, will get you pumped up, and have you entertained the whole time.
All of the main character on the show have at least one song, and they are some of the best music you will hear in today’s time.  I am personally guilty of having all of the music from the show on my Ipod.  Each song, weather sung or in the background fits the moment so well.  There is so much good stuff here, and you will be humming the tunes all day.
The Lore
There is so much history behind the show, weather it comes to more about Homeworld, Fusion, hidden characters, and secrets, secrets secrets! It will surprise you at every turn.
Not Your Average Kid’s TV Show
This show may be animated, be on a kid’s TV network, but it is so much more than that.  This show deals with death, torcher, friend and family struggles, love and even more.  Each episode has so much more underneath it than you might think, and it will even at times leave you with your mouth open, or it even might spark a tear.
And that’s Steven Universe! We have really just scratched the surface, and there is soooooo much more to talk about, but for today let’s just leave it at this. I might get around to do a part two, but I have some other fandoms to fit up before then. So until then, this has been Luke, Signing off!

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